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In 1937 Fred Lemke and his wife Jean (Thompson) bought property in Coxvale on Big Gull Lake. This was the beginning of Cedar Crest Lodge. The next few years Fred built several cottages and he and Jean made plans for a new dining room. In 1945 they bought the Cox home and soon after home cooked meals were served in the dining room, prepared by Jean who was an excellent cook known for her home made bread, rolls and pies.

A small store was built in 1947 on the site of the Cox home and during the late 40's and throughout the 50's Fred was adding more cottages. In 1960 the old house was torn down and while the new one was being built they purchased the house and three cottages on the other side of the bridge and lived in the house. When the new house was built the store was moved to its recent location. A lunch counter was opened, a jukebox and pinball machine were installed and it was a great meeting place in the 60's. Cottages now numbering 17 were rented late into the fall when Fred guided hunters and Jean prepared their meals.

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