Plevna Village

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The village of Buckshot (later Plevna) got started when Elisha and Elijah Playfair settled on either side of the Frontenac Road, where it crosses the Buckshot Creek, in 1861. Elijah did not stay long but Elisha, with the help of his son John, made his presence known. By December 1864 he had his house built and a school, a sawmill in operation and a flour mill ready to operate. George Kerr took over the holdings of Elijah Playfair and in September 1876 he purchased Elisha Playfair's holdings except the saw mill and flour mill. He then sold all his holdings to John R. Dawson (G W. Dawson's father) in April 1877and John R. then bought the mills from Elisha Playfair in May 1877.

The village of Plevna used to be called Buckshot but when the post office was established the post office department objected to the name. They agreed it could be used on an interim basis but requested that a new name be forwarded to them for their approval. By 1877 they gave the local population an ultimatum to come up with a new name or they would name it for them. For years arguing had been going on with locals split into factions, each with their own idea for a name. Sam Barton Sr. said that the situation was nearly as bad as the situation that had existed for years at Plevna in Bulgaria. The suggestion of Plevna brought a new name into consideration, one that was neutral and could be accepted by all without losing face. Plevna was recommended to the post office department and on November 1, 1877 Buckshot became known as Plevna.

When the Dawson's purchased the land which became the village of Buckshot, they had the village surveyed in April and May of 1877 and a village plan registered by June 27, 1877. The plan was registered and remains registered as the village of Buckshot, despite the name change to Plevna.

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