Snow Road Church

Snow Road Presbyterian Church

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The church was built in 1885 on a lot donated by Mrs. James Millar, better known as Granny Millar, it was built by a Mr. Snowden at a cost of around $1600.00 dollars. Peter McLaren (the river baron) paid a bill for lumber which amounted to $700.00 dollars. The church was opened and dedicated Nov. 28th 1885.
Rev. Alexander McAuley was the first minister, he left in 1891.
Others were:
Rev McCullock (1891-92)
Rev Binnie (1893-1902)
Rev Guy (1903-08)
Rev McMullen (1908-17)
Rev Little (1918-26)
Rev McCaskill (1928-47)
Rev Walter Brett (1947-51)
Gordon Brett (1952-56)
Allen Duncan (1958-61)
Rev Faulkner (1963-64)
J.O. Forrester (1965-84)
Rev Linda Bell (1984)

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